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Agent 4 should fail when it is set to verify peer and the trusted ca certificates file cannot be...

Closed on 17 Sep 15

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Author & Moderator 12m 1 I think I need to cause this error if (after line 638) th...
Reviewer - Complete 12m 4 Marking as complete pending a decision on using system ro...
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Reviewer - Complete 4m 4 Not with OpenSSL, unfortunately.
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This fixes problem where the property is unset, and the trusted ca certs file is not present or not loaded. The tls/ssl connection is expected to fail but doesn't.

OpenSSL does not seem to fail the handshake when the file fails to load, even when it is set to VERIFY_PEER; so we will return an error in am_connect_ssl() before the handshake.

Iteration 2: this will cause the error if trust.server.certs is false (verify peer certs) and trusted ca file is not present OR not specified.



This fix was incorporated into OPENAM-6859, so I'm closing this review.


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14 Sep 15

Mareks Malnačs says:


15 Sep 15

Charles Sparey says:

Marking as complete pending a decision on using system root certificate stores with 'trusted body' certificates such as thwate ot verisign.

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