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Proposed fix for OPENAM-6395

Closed on 21 Sep 15

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Author & Moderator 23m 3 for OpenAM 13.0.0 "ScriptedAuthModulesStep" seems to take...
Reviewer - Complete 3m 2 Don't forget to update the year in header.
Reviewer - Complete 5m 1 Looks good, but I wonder if there should be an upgrade he...
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Doing proper null-check for IDRepo call



will update year in license header.
According to Jaco Jooste we will not update scripts in auth module instances. It will be the duty of the customer. PM did not reply if there is any such official policy.


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09 Sep 15

Peter Major says:

Looks good, but I wonder if there should be an upgrade helper written for iPlanetAMAuthDeviceIdMatchService to ensure that the default server side JS script is updated during upgrade? (without touching actual module instances of course)

14 Sep 15

bthalmayr says:

That's a good point Peter, I was not sure how to handle this as the actual instance could use the default script or an adopted one. Whouldn't it be confusing that only the default script is changed and behavior of a new module instance would be changed?

IMHO the actual root cause is that the IDRepo API behaves different when IDRepo cache is disabled ... certainly something clients of the API do not expect.

21 Sep 15

bthalmayr says:

for OpenAM 13.0.0 "ScriptedAuthModulesStep" seems to take care of the upgrade as the script name has also been changed to 'deviceIdMatch-server-side.js'. Should we back port to 12.0.x?

/openam/.../js/server-side.js Changed   3
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