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OPENAM-1068 In case of session upgrade the SAML IDPCache can lose the ssotoken sessionindex mapping

Closed on 07 Sep 15

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Author & Moderator 2h 6 Extracted this to OPENAM-6776 for better tracking.
Neil Madden (deleted user)
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Reviewer - Complete 19m 4 Looks good.
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The main problem is that session upgrade triggers a session destroy for the old session and a new session is created during the upgrade. The solution for me was to introduce a new extension that SAML can utilize to ensure that during a session upgrade the cached data is relocated before IDPSessionListener would capture the destroy event and do its own cleanup job.
If the Saml2SessionUpgradeHandler code looks arbitrary, then that's because I've tried to look at IDPSessionListener and make sure that whatever IDPSessionListener would normally do can't happen during a session upgrade.


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19 Aug 15

Neil Madden (deleted user) says:

Looks good.

/a/openam/.../service/ Changed 2
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/a/openam/.../saml2/profile/ Changed 2
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/a/openam/.../profile/ Changed 2
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/a/openam/.../saml2/profile/ Changed
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/b/.../service/ Added
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/b/.../authentication/ Added 3
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/b/.../services/org.forgerock.openam.authentication.service.SessionUpgradeHandler Added
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