markdr in openig

Fix for OPENIG-59 - Issues with federation since JDK 1.6.0_45 and 1.7.0_21
Fix for OPENIG-79
Fix for OPENIG-67, review CR-2985
Fix for OPENIG-62, review CR-2927.
Fix for minor doc bug - OPENIG-57
Proposed fix for OPENIG-49, review CR-2290.
Fix for OPENIG-46, review CR-2012.
Fix for OPENIG-36, review CR-2012.
Fix for OPENIG-29, review CR-1854.
Fix for OPENIG-8, review CR-1793.
Fix for OPENIG-12 and OPENIG-38, review CR-875 and CR-990.
Fix for OPENIG-37, review CR-966.
Fix for OPENIG-40, review CR-1028.
Fix for OPENIG-35, review CR-873.
Updated fix for OPENIG-31, reduce the amount of repeated debug logging. Review CR-794.
Fix for OPENIG-4, review CR-841.
Fix for OPENIG-31, review CR-794.
Fix for OpenIG-9, review CR-714.
Fix for OPENIG-9