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Fix for OPENAM-6537, review CR-8366 - consider logout logic as not enforced to avoid forcing a user to login when triggering app logout without a session
Reverting initial fix for OPENAM-6537, it didn't take into account the logout parameter property.

Fix for OPENAM-3601, review CR-8422 - Update the JBoss 7 Sample App to make use of more recent EJB3 standards
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Enable installation on Wildvly v8 and v9
Fix for OPENAM-6537, review CR-8366 - treat the value set in the com.sun.identity.agents.config.agent.logout.url property as not-enforced to avoid forcing the user to authenticate before proceeding to the URL if the user does not already have a session
Fix for OPENAM-6615, review via HC - add missing class from whitelst of allowed classes to allow Legacy Password reset option page to function
Fix for OPENAM-5542, review CR-8089 - improve the caching logic of ServiceConfigImpl objects when items are replaced in the cache
Fix for OPENAM-6196, review CR-8146 - review cases where response.getOutputStream() and response.getWriter() were both being called (which is not supported) and make the use of an existing Writer instance more consistent.
Fix for OPENAM-6883, review CR-8238 - Properly handle OpenAM Server URIs that contain a context with mixed case
Fix for OPENAM-6390, review CR-7898 - don't change the case of the returned DN from the getUserDN call
Fix for OPENAM-6545, review CR-7841 - Cache ServiceConfigs for the social auth per realm to improve the performance of the ServerInfoResource REST service
Fix for OPENAM-6468 and OPENAM-6499, review CR-7839 - include additional whitelist classes following OPENAM-5925
Fix for OPENAM-5358, review CR-7856 - provide support for installation of the JBoss agent into a named domain profile
Fix for OPENAM-4160, review CR-7857 - add support to override properties contained in the file
Fix for OPENAM-6228, review CR-7660 - add classes directory to early part of the tools classpath to enable patching
OPENAM-5894, review CR-7585 - add a one-off exception for the WDSSO property, iplanet-am-auth-windowsdesktopsso-keytab-file, to avoid it be treated as containing a reference to a file since AME-3787
OPENAM-2137, review CR-7458 - provide more debug output in the case where the is a XML parsing issue during installation
OPENAM-6156, review CR-7609 - Add support for using a CCOrderedList in a Service
OPENAM-6192, review CR-7611 - better handling of the saved consent attribute not being defined or having an existing value
OPENAM-5883, review CR-7605 - improve the parsing of the millisecond component of timestamp strings, for example, the IssueInstant attribute of a SAML Assertion
OPENAM-6206, review via HC with Peter - fix subtle classpath changes since OPENAM-4646
OPENAM-5986, review CR-7605 - Don't rely on the users session to determine if Ignore Profile is enabled in the realm
OPENAM-6235, CR-7371 - XML escape the NameID value when creating XML documents from the NameID object to avoid XML parsing issues when the value contains characters like &
Missed change as part of AME-6627, review via HC - removed redundant imports including one that no longer exists since removal of the Netscape LDAP API
Fix for OPENAM-5826, review CR-7192 - Zero Page Login is disallowed after OPENAM-sec-201503 is applied due to an empty default whitelist entry
Fix for OPENAM-5785, review CR-6979 - Allow importing/exporting of the hashed agent passwords.
Fix for OPENAM-6036, review via HC with Peter.
OPENAM-4103, review CR-6963 - Provide a switch to allow sending AuthnRequests without the RequestedAuthnContext element
Fix for OPENAM-5925, review FR-689
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OPENAM-5917, review CR-6863 - fixing mistake from earlier commit