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CR-7614 OPENIG-529 Added UT for Audit Decorator.
Removed unnecessary cast.
Clean up doc source license headers
  1. … 49 more files in changeset.
Improve link to Javadoc
Fix links to Javadoc
CR-7535 OPENIG-574 Document tokenEndpointUseBasicAuth

This patch updates the doc to align with the fix for OPENIG-550.

Add target to svn:ignore.
Revert r1088 - forgerock-guice-core is no longer a runtime dependency
Add required dependency on `forgerock-guice-core` (follow-up for CHF-40)
CHF-26 (CMN-191) Follow-up: Excludes internal packages from javadoc generation
Apply changes required by CHF-26
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
CR-7490 OPENIG-580 Limit dependencies bundled in sample app

This patch reduces the sample application used in the docs

back to 16M, after the fix to the Javadoc bloated it to 38M.

It also avoids removing anything from the Javadoc. :-)

Move the servlet's dependency to openig-saml only

Now only the module openig-saml requires the dependency do the Servlet

API so I reduce the scope of this dependency to this module only.

Fix checkstyle issue
OPENIG-562 CR-7446 Reserve the route /openig
CR-7442 Update test method names to start with should
CR-7442 Use the correct conversion between ms to ns
CR-7442 Round the value for Retry-After to the closest higher second
CR-7442 Default to an empty expression when no partition key is given in the configuration.
CR-7442 Force a validation of the TokenBucket parameters
Fix Javadoc
CR-7444 OPENIG-529 Refactor decorator tests

Added more unit tests to the capture decorator.

CR-7451 OPENIG-550 Token Endpoint Authentication method

is now configurable and uses by default Basic Authentication.

DOCS-313 Clean up use of version in documentation titles
OPENIG-575 CR-7469 Allow to use 'exchange.response' in the onResponse conditions
Fixed typo
Expands static imports
OPENIG-551 (CR-7306) Fix stop issue when the `config.json` is invalid

Some resources may have been loaded by the heaplets that were started.

We need to try (at least) to release them by explicitly destroying the

heap in case of exceptions.

Use try-with-resources
Remove empty line