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[OPENIDM-2693] Clustering --procedure not limited to MySQL. reviewed in chat by Jon B.
[OPENIDM-3672] simplify "Overview of the Self-Service UI" section
Fix errors spotted by Laurent
OPENIDM-3418 Merging OPENIDM-3418 commons audit branch into trunk
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GSG - fixed link
Initial work for OPENIDM-3546

Commenting this work out until we resolve the debugging issue for Eclipse Mars

CR-7757 (OPENIDM-3482) Update workflow docs for new history endpoints
Indicate that you can also configure Email in the Admin UI.
Minor updates for consistency, before starting work on OPENIDM-3482
Clarify reasons for using a remote Java connector
Document new maintenance mode - neglected to include _action=status in previous commit. Reviewed by Laurent over Skype.
CR-7712 (OPENIDM-3581) Document the new Maintenance Service
OPENIDM-3659 (Text related to startTLS in Integrator's Guide is incorrect)
CR-7717 (OPENIDM-3590) - Update outbound email config docs for changes made in OPENIDM-3260
Reminder to take into account Sustaining "Backport" issues when we build the lists of issues in the Release Notes.
XML and style cleanup
bnd Java archive file (biz.aQute.bnd.jar) has been renamed to bnd-1.50.0.jar
The format of script exceptions has changed, replacing openidmCode with code since 3.0.0 - reviewed by Lana
context variable is available in custom endpoints (reviewed by Lana)
Typo and misaligned code segment
Invalid table formatting
Fix typos spotted by Laurent
[OPENIDM-3498] Assess current Admin UI doc. Minimize / prune duplicate info
Fix broken link
CR-7626 (OPENIDM-3580) - Update UI docs to remove reference to /selfservice in the URL
[OPENIDM-3249] Addressed Laurent's comment of 15 July in the JIRA
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[OPENIDM-3249] Addressed Laurent's notes of 15 July on the JIRA.
Typos spotted by Laurent
CR-7620 (OPENIDM-3484) Update doc on script.json

This commit also fixes a few typos Javascript -> JavaScript

CR-7553 (OPENIDM-3456) Clarify the requirements (and defaults) regarding MVCC when updating objects with PUT and PATCH

This section will need to be revised when CREST-100 is addressed.