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[OPENIDM-2693] Clustering --procedure not limited to MySQL. reviewed in chat by Jon B.
OPENIDM-3666 – Add BPMN diagram information to workflow process definition samples

reviewed at CR-7762

[OPENIDM-3672] simplify "Overview of the Self-Service UI" section
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Fix errors spotted by Laurent
OPENIDM-3418 Merging OPENIDM-3418 commons audit branch into trunk
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GSG - fixed link
Initial work for OPENIDM-3546

Commenting this work out until we resolve the debugging issue for Eclipse Mars

CR-7757 (OPENIDM-3482) Update workflow docs for new history endpoints
Indicate that you can also configure Email in the Admin UI.
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Minor updates for consistency, before starting work on OPENIDM-3482
Clarify reasons for using a remote Java connector
Document new maintenance mode - neglected to include _action=status in previous commit. Reviewed by Laurent over Skype.
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CR-7712 (OPENIDM-3581) Document the new Maintenance Service
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OPENIDM-3659 (Text related to startTLS in Integrator's Guide is incorrect)
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OPENIDM-3416 fixed issue with filtered-query, reviewed by Brendan via HipChat
[OPENIDM-3522][CR-7670] Fixed issue where multiple replaceTarget assignment operations on the same attribute were not applied correctly.
[OPENIDM-3521][CR-7658] Added onAssignment/onUnassignment declarations to effectiveAssignments.
OPENIDM-3650 (CR-7730) Add process definition and process instance state diagrams to REST endpoints.

CR-7717 (OPENIDM-3590) - Update outbound email config docs for changes made in OPENIDM-3260
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Add Email Configuration to System Configuration

Minor translation change
Minor commit too Implement the new process name.
OPENIDM-3583 - CR-7722 - Add workflow completed tab and a few minor UI fixes
OPENIDM-3567 CR-7568 Exception caught to prevent runaway cpu


Provide new screen for listing Workflow Tasks



Removes add/edit property from mapping dialog from routes

OPENIDM-3416 CR-7724 Added support for process and task historic data
OPENIDM-3473 CR-7594 Password displays in clear text in activity log after replace
OPENIDM-3618 Do not take down EnhancedConfig service during maintenance mode.

(reviewed by Alin via hipchat)

OPENIDM-3606 - CR-7716 - Restructure workflows into IDM commons
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