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OPENICF-397 CR-8235 scriptRoots should default to the value for classpath
CR-8167 Fix batch state tracking and connection management
Fix typo error in attribute name
Add more samples to Groovy Connector Toolkit
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OPENICF-447 CR-8188 Bug when password is part of the update operation
OPENICF-446 forgot to update trunk from CR comments

OPENICF-446 CR-8183 Sync of object class ALL gives NPE

OPENICF-391 Fix the shutdown process and release resource
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OPENICF-344 CR-8056 Properties are not usable without using a datasource
OPENICF-422 CR-7708 Add support for batched operations to ICF
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OPENICF-393 Update the dependencies
OPENICF-393 Add Secure communication support to .Net and test from Java
OPENICF-424 CR-7254 Port configuration change facility to .Net
  1. ./framework/dotnet/ServiceInstall/Localize
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OPENICF-437 CR-7865 - Sync the fix from Java to .Net and add more unit test
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OPENICF-389 CR-7778 - Fix the failed unit test
OPENICF-389 CR-7778 - Add .Net implementation of new communication protocol
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OPENICF-437 CR-7865 - Remote Server does not accept Cancel message of Subscribe operation
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OPENICF-436 CR-7863 Fix VersionRange class and the isInRange check.
OPENICF-434 CR-7851 Default LDAP Schema

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OPENICF-435 CR-7801 Included org.forgerock.commons.guava in the zip
OPENICF-421 forgot to commit test updates

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OPENICF-421 CR-7827 Cache server type

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OPENICF-435 (CR-7775) Port to forgerock-util 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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CR-7664 OPENICF-432 LDAP connector: some config properties are not documented

Update to Protocol Buffer version 3.0 to support C#
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Branch openicf-ldap-connector-1.4.1.x
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CR-7635 OPENICF-402 OPENICF-415 need addition logging when syncToken no longer detects changes

Implement combined review comments from Jon & Laszlo.
Review comments on Java connectors chapter
Clarify language in examples