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Reformat code.
Fix OPENDJ-457: Sleeping replication threads prevent server from shutting down

Improved responsiveness of several threads:

* remove sleep based looped and replaced with wait/notify loops

* ensured that shutdown signal variables are volatile

* ensured that InterruptedExceptions are treated as shutdown since these are sent by shutdown monitor.

Factor out tail log file method in functional tests.

Functional tests show tail of error log on stopping server

Use latest doc build plugin snapshot
Implementaion of OPENDJ-441 - Operational attribute for password expiration time

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Fix checkstyle update for OpenDJ headers in unit and functional tests.
Checkstyle update for OpenDJ headers in unit and functional tests.
Fix for COMMWEB-47: Double-clicking to select console output in Docs does not work

The text matches the behavior of the fix. (Not sure whether Jenkins picks up the new forgerock-doc-maven-plugin snapshot on each build, however.)

Linktester plugin is now called from doc build plugin.
Final fix for OPENDJ-249: dsreplication disable --disableAll error removing contents of "cn=admin data"

Don't remove instance keys when disabling replication. Instance keys are intended for other purposes as well as replication, for example log signing, etc, and may be required after an instance has been removed from a topology. It is the responsibility of administrators to manually remove unused instance keys on a case by case basis.

Initial fix for OPENDJ-249: dsreplication disable --disableAll error removing contents of "cn=admin data"

Disabling replication now avoids the self-disconnect by not deleting the administrator entry, so the command now completes successfully. However, it is erasing the entire contents of the ads truststore, including the server instance key. This is definitely not a good idea since the key may be required for reversible encryption.

Modification of operational attribute returns 19 not 53 in aci target test

Apply knownIssue tag OPENDJ-452 and OPENDJ-453 to replication schema tests

Fix additional OPENDJ- text in test case report stylesheet


The doc build plugin injects this content now.

Minor update for OPENDJ-82: Improve dsreplication status script friendly mode

Remove commented code.

Minor fix for OPENDJ-295: Dictionary password validator should verify that a password doesn't contain words, rather than match words.

Change the check-substrings property to optional in order to provide backwards compatibility with OpenDJ 2.4.x.

Fix OPENDJ-82: Improve dsreplication status script friendly mode

Thanks to Nemanja Lukić at Profiq s.r.o for the suggested patch.

Add testSteps to replication schema tests

Mark replication total update test as known issue

Thanks to Danny Turner for spotting nonsense I didn't notice when making the last update. Time to take a break for today. :-)
Review suggestion from Peter Major
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Fix OPENDJ-436: Inconsistency between hostname specified in setup and DIGEST-MD5 fqdn of server.

Pass hostname to ConfigureDS and use it to set the FQDN for the DIGEST-MD5 mechanism.

Fix OPENDJ-439: export-ldif on jeb produces duplicate entries

OPENDJ-445 is marked as Resolved > Won't Fix, so this change is to draw attention to the need to use identical keystore and private key passwords.

The chapter on moving servers, e.g. http://opendj.forgerock.org/doc/admin-guide/OpenDJ-Admin-Guide.html#moving-servers-overview, sort of hints at this without actually stating the requirement.

Enable password policy functional tests

Fixes for dsconfig functional tests

Files for password policy functional tests