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Partial fix for OPENAM-2282: Published release notes do not specify Windows 2008 R2
Fix for OPENAM-2102 - review: CR-1186

Implementing support for unsolicited LDAP responses, so a notice of

disconnection can be properly handled.

Fix for OPENAM-2104

Had to upgrade the fam-noconsole.list to refer to the correct version of


Fix for OPENAM-1569 - review: CR-570

Removing ldapsubentry from LDAP searches, enhancing OpenLDAP support

Fix for OPENAM-2112 - review: CR-1201

Handling the special case of the "All Authenticated Users" role in the

add-privileges ssoadm command.

Fix for OPENAM-2110 - review: CR-1190

Changed the implementation to get the username from the bootstrap file in

the same way as the password was retrieved earlier for non-embedded config


OPENAM-1988:OPENAM-1641: resource type login doesn't copy request parameter when DAS has openam.remoteauth.include.reqres=true
OPENAM-844:: If Directory Server is started after OpenAM, LDAPv3Repo will never recover
Fix for OPENAM-1933 - review: CR-1010

Changed the current ReplayPasswd implementation to handle passwords longer

than 16 characters.

Fix for OPENAM-1980 - review: CR-1060

Changed the inflating mechanism, so it actually tries to buffer the input

using the configured buffer size.

Fix for OPENAM-1791, review CR-1095.
Fix for OPENAM-1981, review CR-1096.
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Bumping version number to 10.0.1
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Fix for OPENAM-1922 - review: CR-1045

DAS error handling has been greatly improved for cases when the core server

goes down.

Fix for OPENAM-1788 - review: CR-980
Fix for OPENAM-1873, review CR-959: Auth module error messages can get lost
Fix for OPENAM-1236 - DAS side
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Fixed NameID missing from IDPSessionCopy when session failover occurs OPENAM-1364
Fix for OPENAM-1514 - review: CR-507
Fix for OPENAM-1863 - review: CR-907
Fix for OPENAM-1896

Updating the serverdefaults as well to use the correct property name

Merge additional fixes for OPENAM-1174 from trunk
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Fix for OPENAM-1348 - review: CR-495
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Fix for OPENAM-1858 - review: CR-909
Fix for OPENAM-1731
Fix for OPENAM-1454 - review: CR-497