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OPENAM-7072: Only send PLL SessionRequest/AddSessionListener if com.sun.identity.agents.config.notification.enable is set

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Incomplete OpenSSL library version name_variants table (AIX), reviewed in HC
OPENAM-7062 CR-8413 change WPA4 Solaris SPARC/x86 archive name
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OPENAM-6916 CR-8406 Added information about how admins can reset passwords through a REST API call
AME-8615 / CR-8399 - AlignedCauthentication chain view to new designs
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CR-8377 WPA4 Windows 32bit agent builds
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OPENAM-7031 CR-8368 Apache agent process crashes with segmentation fault when reqexp logout was performed
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OPENAM-6387 CR-8393 Tolerate agent content as returned from a read
AME-8557 CR-8363 Improved javadoc from review comments
OPENAM-7043 CR-8405 Create authorize endpoint policy in each realm
AME-7743 Committing all work so far, all commented out, prior to GIT migration
Removed stray comment
Reverted back a change that was overwritten by a recent commit
OPENAM-7038 - User profile page displays different input fields between logins
Trunk -> Branch sync
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AME-8378 CR-8371 Add KBA questions and answer to the user and persist in LDAP, add KBA questions to self service

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Updated storeUsername to not store entire UID
minor change to improve error feedback when local authentication fails
AME-8556 Removes more ESLint warnings
AME-8556 Make backgrid-filter themeable
AME-8555 Removes duplicate libraries
AME-8555 Make backgrid-paginator themeable
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Taken care of null sp/idp configuration state when module loads.
OPENAM-6919 CR-8409 Correct exception json response from Resource Set Registration
AME-8083 AME-8084 (CR-8397) self service integrated with console config
OPENAM-6469 CR-8344 Clarify REST versioning defaults
CR-8394 / OPENAM-6637 Duplicate menu items in the "Realms" top navigation link
AME-8571 CUSS UI integration - reviewed in hipchat
AME-8591 (CR-8408) mail service to include mime type
OPENAM-5965 CR-8310 Correct the handling of inactive OAuth2 clients.