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Incomplete fix for extended url validation feature (AME-1132/OPENAM-6994)
Merged trunk to CUSS-UI branch
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Merging to latest trunk.
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Initial POST-binding work.
AME-8541 CR-8357 Correct lodash version in other entry points
Revert "Fix for OPENAM-5542, review CR-8089 - improve the caching logic of ServiceConfigImpl objects when items are replaced in the cache"

This reverts commit 86e5aa78398e0f456322070b4dd74d40bf66fd4e.

OPENAM-6988 CR-8356 Fix NPE when querying UMA resource labels
OPENAM-6818 CR-8355 Make UMA endpoints accessible with JSON error responses instead of XML
OPENAM-6606 CR-8348 Add the updated_at claim back to userinfo
AME-8490 Default Handler class from configuration does not exist

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AME-8519 CR-8336 Added information about the new XUI capabilities to the Release Notes
AME-8503 CR-8337 Updated the XUI navigation paths in the J2EE agents documentation
AME-8528 Updating the AuthServiceHelper to include new SAML2 Auth Module
Trunk merge
OPENAM-6977 CR-8343 Map validate action to read privilege
Trunk merge
OPENAM-6976 CR-8342 Add GStringImpl to the OIDC claims script whitelist
minor error case work
Single logout.
addressed review comments
OPENAM-6987: addition of free lists to shared memory cache - does not resolve 6987.

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Upgrade to commons-ui 4.0.0
Merge from trunk and added default audit service fallback
OPENAM-6858 Intelligently filter out blank password values
Classic UI SLO redirects enabled. Small refactoring to SAML2.
pulled build fix form trunk
Update CUSS integration with latest CUSS changes
Updated from master, minor work on saml proxy jsp
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Merged with trunk and fixed tests and checkstyle
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Update license headers
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