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CR-8273 Another round of fixes for OPENAM-6864
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fixed wrong parameter bug
OPENAM-6909 CR-8275 Fix "Interface Stability" xrefs, and use 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT for nightly builds.
updating default values from saml2.0 to 1.1
Secondary stage of SAML2 auth module
OPENAM-6894 CR-8276 Fixing functional test suite failures in com.forgerock.openam.functionaltest.oauth2.TestAuthorizationCodeGrant
initial static memory map
AME-8422 CR-8272 Service for issuing tokens to devices
Re-enabling JSONSerialisationTest
Updating SAML2 auth module options.
AME-8329/AME-8436 CR-8270 Add UMA resource delegation extension filter
AME-8320 Review comment updates
AME-8422 CR-8264 Service for generating device codes
Code review comments.
Merging 15809:15828
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AME-8443/CR-8255 - Removed bootstrap dependancy from Consent page
Updating SessionIDExtension sub classes with unit tests
Updating the SessionIDCorrector with unit tests
Merged trunk into this branch.
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CR-8249 / AME-8370. Actions table is not looking like the one displayed on the mockup
AME-8014 CR-8221 Web policy agent 4.0 documentation. Includes release notes (AME-6065), combined 2.2. and 2.4 Apache HTTP Server section (AME-8196) and merged IIS installation section (AME-8197). Oracle/Sun Web Server chapter removed, no longer supported (AME-8198). WPA Reference guide merged into main user's guide.
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AME-8014 CR-8221 Web policy agent 4.0 shared documentation. Contains all policy agent settings (AME-8155).
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AME-8422 CR-8254 New OAuth 2 Token type for device codes
Removing unintentional addition.
CR-8232 / AME-8397 CUSS UI should be realm-aware in OpenAM
OPENAM-6899 : Transition button to red when in a failure state
Merging 15680:15809
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OPENAM-6876 Fixes XUI Login page not showing an error when 500 response from json/authenticate
OPENAM-6876 Corrects styling ahead of bug fix
AME-8329/AME-8437 CR-8262 Add UMA Authorization request extension filter