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CR-8248 Second round of fixes for OPENAM-6864
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OPENAM-6791 CR-8236 Cleaned up language and links in the introduction to the REST APIs.
OPENAM-6447 Corrections from QA - Missing quote, missing trailing slash, and "empty" bullet point fixed.
AME-8199 CR-8051 Convert hard-coded cross-references to olink or xref.
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Correcting options for nameid-format
OPENAM-6443 OPENAM-5695 CR-8200 Allow admin users to update user's password without the old password
AME-8422 CR-8250 New OAuth2 service attributes for device code flow
moved SAML validation into the Module
Fixes broken build removing duplicate class
AME-7900 CR-8234 Add support for Form POST Oauth2 response mode
AME-8371 Teach ThemeManager to match authentication chains
AME-8371 Migrates to URIUtils and upgrades to commons-ui 3.0.0
update merge from master
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AME-8241 Corrects styling issues in UMA after theming work
OPENAM-6895 CR-8247 Integrate latest changes to CHF and CAUD
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update merge from master
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AME-8272: Fixup policy and openam CSS after split
update emrge from master
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OPENAM-6751 CR-8245 Require login if the existing session has insufficient acr
OPENAM-6891 CR-8244 Exclude non-SMS attribute names
AME-8418 Placeholder text missing from Login pages
Incomplete fix for OPENAM-6859, reviewed in HC
OPENAM-6885 CR-8240 Fix OAuth2 authorize endpoint content-type check
OPENAM-6884 CR-8239 Fix 'No content to map due to end-of-input' /json/authenticate bad request response with CHF change
CR-8178 / Part of AME-8221: changed IDs to classes
AME-7890 CR-8230 Passing of claim values to the consent page
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AME-8272: Split CSS for XUI into "User" and "Admin"
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AME-8225 CR-8196 Implement PATCH for user passwords, via the IdentityResourceV3 endpoint

OPENAM-6884 CR-8239 Fix 'No content to map due to end-of-input' /json/authenticate bad request response
OPENAM-6794 FR-865 Edit the OpenAM Dev Guide. Committing multiple files that were edited so far.