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Incomplete fix for OPENAM-6859, reviewed in HC
OPENAM-6885 CR-8240 Fix OAuth2 authorize endpoint content-type check
OPENAM-6884 CR-8239 Fix 'No content to map due to end-of-input' /json/authenticate bad request response with CHF change
CR-8178 / Part of AME-8221: changed IDs to classes
AME-7890 CR-8230 Passing of claim values to the consent page
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AME-8272: Split CSS for XUI into "User" and "Admin"
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AME-8225 CR-8196 Implement PATCH for user passwords, via the IdentityResourceV3 endpoint

OPENAM-6884 CR-8239 Fix 'No content to map due to end-of-input' /json/authenticate bad request response
OPENAM-6794 FR-865 Edit the OpenAM Dev Guide. Committing multiple files that were edited so far.
OPENAM-6794 FR-865 Edit the OpenAM Dev Guide. Committing files one at a time so as not to interfere with others' work.
OPENAM-6853 CR-8237 Corrected ssoadm subcommand names that work with XACML
OPENAM-6542 CR-8226 Document the new openam.deserialisation.classes.whitelist.
AME-7893 CR-8222 Ensure locales specified in ui_locales for OAuth2 requests will be passed to XUI
OPENAM-6852 CR-8216 Rename ExportXACML class to ListXACML
AME-8371 Switch commons-ui dependency to 2.2.0

We have decided to stop depending on SNAPSHOT versions.

OPENAM-6814 CR-8231 Support custom login redirect uri for custom authentication of OAuth2 requests
AME-7514 CR-8223 Implement access logging within OAuth2. UMA filter present but not activated
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OPENAM-6864 CR-8225 WPA crash (Httpd 2.2) under high load (access static resource)
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AME-8323 CR-8215 Tidied up, and added missing ContextHolderCacheTest

- Removed spurious commented out code.

- Added missing javadoc

Creating branch to work on CUSS UI
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Update merge from master
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AME-8323 CR-8215 Fix sync issues in OpenAMAuthHandler.

Changes made;

- Changed OpenAMAuthHandler's CONTEXT_CACHE from a Map with a sweeper thread ejecting entries that had expired, to a LeastRecentlyUsed cache, with a size set to half of the OpenAM Max Sessions value.

- Encapsulated the Cache in a ContextHolderCache class that is injected by Guice. This allows simpler testing of OpenAMAuthHandler.

- The ContextHolderCache is now responsible for creating (and caching) new ContextHolder objects.

- The calculation of the desired size of the ContextHolderCache has been encapsulated in a ContextCacheSize class so that the strategy may be updated without modifying the ContextHolderCache. The ContextCacheSize is injected by Guice, which means a mock may be provided for testing the behaviour of the ContextHolderCache

- The OpenAMAuthHander now has the ContextHolderCache injected into the constructor by Guice, which means a mock may be provided allowing for simpler tests.

- The use of a Guice injector to obtain the handler class implementation has allowed for a simplification of the RadiusRequestHandler interface, removing methods that were specific to the OpenAMAuthHandler implementation and it's need to shutdown threads.

- Some basic success flow test have been written.

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OPENAM-6870 Updates Google+ social login image
AME-8408 Adds ESLint to RIA devDependencies

Also rolls up other dependency versions

AME-8211 Factor out inline HTML from Login callback system
OPENAM-6377(CR-8190): SessionAdapter.fromToken now checks if token is null to avoid NPE
Adding the first WIP cut of extracting out the extensions map from SessionID.
AME-8387 CR-8212 Use eslint-config-forgerock in openam-ui-ria
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AME-8384 CR-8211 Watch test directories in grunt watch
OPENAM-6684 CR-8217 Updated behaviour now ResourcePath is in CREST only