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OPENAM-6864 CR-8225 WPA crash (Httpd 2.2) under high load (access static resource)
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AME-8323 CR-8215 Tidied up, and added missing ContextHolderCacheTest

- Removed spurious commented out code.

- Added missing javadoc

Creating branch to work on CUSS UI
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Update merge from master
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AME-8323 CR-8215 Fix sync issues in OpenAMAuthHandler.

Changes made;

- Changed OpenAMAuthHandler's CONTEXT_CACHE from a Map with a sweeper thread ejecting entries that had expired, to a LeastRecentlyUsed cache, with a size set to half of the OpenAM Max Sessions value.

- Encapsulated the Cache in a ContextHolderCache class that is injected by Guice. This allows simpler testing of OpenAMAuthHandler.

- The ContextHolderCache is now responsible for creating (and caching) new ContextHolder objects.

- The calculation of the desired size of the ContextHolderCache has been encapsulated in a ContextCacheSize class so that the strategy may be updated without modifying the ContextHolderCache. The ContextCacheSize is injected by Guice, which means a mock may be provided for testing the behaviour of the ContextHolderCache

- The OpenAMAuthHander now has the ContextHolderCache injected into the constructor by Guice, which means a mock may be provided allowing for simpler tests.

- The use of a Guice injector to obtain the handler class implementation has allowed for a simplification of the RadiusRequestHandler interface, removing methods that were specific to the OpenAMAuthHandler implementation and it's need to shutdown threads.

- Some basic success flow test have been written.

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OPENAM-6870 Updates Google+ social login image
AME-8408 Adds ESLint to RIA devDependencies

Also rolls up other dependency versions

AME-8211 Factor out inline HTML from Login callback system
OPENAM-6377(CR-8190): SessionAdapter.fromToken now checks if token is null to avoid NPE
Adding the first WIP cut of extracting out the extensions map from SessionID.
AME-8387 CR-8212 Use eslint-config-forgerock in openam-ui-ria
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AME-8384 CR-8211 Watch test directories in grunt watch
OPENAM-6684 CR-8217 Updated behaviour now ResourcePath is in CREST only
OPENAM-6772 CR-8209 respond with 400 when script decode fails
Further fix to NTCF to remove dependency on WebtopNaming
Reinstating the SessionIDCorrector in WebtopNaming as this is sufficiently distinct from the role of NamingTableConfigurationFactory.
OPENAM-6859 CR-8204 WPA4 does not support reverse proxy/loadbalancer environments for OpenAM connections
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AME-7892 CR-8198 Allow an OIDC id_token to be refreshed without a session
AME-8333 / CR-8208 - Cancel buttons on self-service pages don't work
CR-8192 / AME-8328. Change the way how resources are added to the policy
OPENAM-6379 CR-8189 Fixed a problem with the sample authentication service configuration affecting OpenAM 13
AME-6468, CR-8181. sts-publish/soap only returns soap-sts instances specific to a given realm
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OPENAM-6803 CR-8201 Fix REST SMS authentication endpoints after an upgrade
AME-6468: changes from CR-8181
OPENAM-6683 CR-8186 Feedback on OpenAM Admin Guide. Updated the configuring authentication chains section.
AME-8327 Move the majority of build tasks from Maven to Grunt

A JavaScript build process is more manageable and is compatible

with far more JavaScript tooling than the existing Maven process.

As an added benefit, Node.js executes the build an order of magnitude

faster than the Java-based Rhino runtime.

In order to provide a version of Node.js for the JavaScript build

to use, this change introduces the use of frontend-maven-plugin, which

downloads and executes Node.js.

Maven is currently still responsible for the unpacking of the

project dependencies and the packaging of the final artefact.

The only change in behaviour in this change is the replacement of

JSLint with ESLint. This is because the version of JSLint used by

the Maven build was 2011-03-07, which is not supported by the

grunt wrapper.

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Removing completed branch.
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OPENAM-6837 CR-8206 resolve locale based unit test failure in SessionInfoFactoryTest
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AME-8076 / CR-8038 - Refresh side bar navigation on label creation
OPENAM-6237 Remove legacy STS services file from ClientSDK
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