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OPENAM-6820, OPENAM-6836: non-windows line endings on new install properties files; correction of installer crash on windows/apache.

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Merging 15577:15680
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Tweaking WebtopNaming to work with a unit test
CAF-89 Changes for CAF-89
Updating JavaDoc and testing build
Refactoring remaining fields over to config
AME-8066 CR-8011 Tidy up that addresses a couple of review comments.
AME-8066 CR-8011 Tidy up of logic, fix spelling of Catastrophic

OPENAM-6083 CR-7297 REST Confirm response not consistent with forgotPasswordReset response when tokenID consumed/expired/does not exist
AME-8066 CR-8011 Now shutsdown on catestrophic processing errors

Continuing to address the code review issues. The RADIUS server now handles catestrophic errors when processing auth requests, by logging and shutting down. This mechansims could also be used in future to retry auth requests that fail for temporary reasons (e.g. network issues).

Also in this check in JMX integration. Counts for number of received & processed packets, and the numbers of Accepted and Declined requests.

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OPENAM-6823 CR-8187 WPA4 crashes with bus error on Solaris SPARC
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AME-6467 - getting rid of XMLUtils consumption
AME-8093 CR-8180 Added two step verification as a new feature in the Release Notes
AME-8291 CR-8168 Documented Name of the Issuer attribute (FR Auth (OATH) auth module)
AME-8015 CR-8182 Added doc for REST API call to reset 2 step verification device profiles
Refactoring the next field over to the configuration.
Starting to refactor the internal state of WebtopNaming to its own configuration factory.
AME-6805 (JamesP reviewed) Default OAuth2 'Code Verifier Parameter Required' to false
OPENAM-6801 CR-8179 agentadmin does not change the permissions of log directory
merging r15649 through r15657 in from trunk
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OPENAM-6737 CR-8158 Fix routing to authenticate endpoint for sub realms
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OPENAM-6810: Correction to property file reader in intaller and strncmp for solaris/win.

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AME-6468: comment updates for query filter responses.
CR-RW by hand - correct capitalisation of authenticator i18n
CR-8163 /AME-8221 Edit and Create New policy screens
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AME-8334 Fixes OAuth2 translation and style guide issues

* Swap buttons to align with design guide

* Provide missing copyright translation in the footer

AME-8326 Update eslint to 1.3.0 in package.json

We're using features of the quote-props rule that were added in


Reviewed visually.

merging in changes r15625 through r15648 from trunk
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AME-8299 CR-8172 Allow footer to work with themes
AME-8297 CR-8171 Change form validation to use bootstrap classes