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Fix for OPENAM-6390, review CR-7898 - don't change the case of the returned DN from the getUserDN call
AME-8162 CR-8071 Documented /json/records endpoint in the Developer's Guide
fixed checkstyle problem
removed url encoding for idp entity id
jsp initial files
current location during auth into cookie
AME-8274 CR-8070 Add JSLint 2011-03-07 rules to .eslintrc

The existing rules have been changed to warnings as there are currently

lots of violations in the code base. As these violations are fixed we

will transition the warning rules into error rules.

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Merging 15388:15447
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newline for code style
Merging 15367:15388
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Merging 15344:15367
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Branch for UI theming
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Merging 15337:15344
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Merging 15318:15337
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OPENAM-6718 CR-8068 Fix oauth consent page when display name is null
Completed branch
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OPENAM-6713/CR-8067 - Confirm Login page now using bootstrap styles
accomodating new format, with explicit cookie being set, for invalidating existing sessions
commenting out population of what appears to be an unreferenced Set which prevents the creation of the TokenService
branch for CREST 3 migration
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AME-8163 CR-8047 Added information about recording facility to the Admin Guide monitoring chapter
additional comments, take two
additional comment
[AME-8078] edited Map to contain lists of strings
SP configs -> IDP configs
CR-8045 ApplicationResourceTest and refactor of QueryResourceHandlerBuilder for paging and sorting CREST query results
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Merging 15397:15431
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Code review comments.