OPENAM-7322 CR-8436 WPA4 agentonly notification agent id search should be case insensitive
Incomplete fix for OPENAM-7201
OPENAM-7304, OPENAM-6305: fixes for installer upgrade.

Fix for OPENAM-6537, review CR-8366 - consider logout logic as not enforced to avoid forcing a user to login when triggering app logout without a session
OPENAM-7201 CR-8433 WPA4 does not support Apache HTTPD server graceful restart
Update WPA4 legal folder CR-8434
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CR8432, OpenAM-6928, Not Enforced URLs Audit Log now also contains user name
OPENAM-7257 CR-8429 WPA4 crashes on OS X 10.11.1
Reverting initial fix for OPENAM-6537, it didn't take into account the logout parameter property.

WPA4 turn off keepalives and make it default setting (reviewed in HC)
Fix for OPENAM-3601, review CR-8422 - Update the JBoss 7 Sample App to make use of more recent EJB3 standards
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OPENAM-7201 CR-8428 WPA4 does not support Apache HTTPD server graceful restart
OPENAM-6478 CR-8427 wpa4 audit logger crash fix (incomplete)
OPENAM-6936: Agent 4.0 2Gb cache size limit + change to log messages for shm allocation failure.

OPENAM-6478 CR-8427 wpa4 audit logger crash fix
Enable installation on Wildvly v8 and v9
OPENAM-7119 CR-8425 WPA4 Windows 32bit agent fixes
OPENAM-6987: Use of synchronous comms in net_ops.

Fix for OPENAM-6537, review CR-8366 - treat the value set in the com.sun.identity.agents.config.agent.logout.url property as not-enforced to avoid forcing the user to authenticate before proceeding to the URL if the user does not already have a session
OPENAM-7072 - correction of fix to remove PLL request for session notification when notifications are not enabled.

OPENAM-7091 CR-8418 Policy Agent unable to handle + symbol
OPENAM-7025 CR-8417 Agent4 incorrectly handles the order of the login.url list values
OPENAM-7072: Only send PLL SessionRequest/AddSessionListener if com.sun.identity.agents.config.notification.enable is set

Incomplete OpenSSL library version name_variants table (AIX), reviewed in HC
OPENAM-7062 CR-8413 change WPA4 Solaris SPARC/x86 archive name
OPENAM-6916 CR-8406 Added information about how admins can reset passwords through a REST API call
AME-8615 / CR-8399 - AlignedCauthentication chain view to new designs
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CR-8377 WPA4 Windows 32bit agent builds
OPENAM-7031 CR-8368 Apache agent process crashes with segmentation fault when reqexp logout was performed
OPENAM-6387 CR-8393 Tolerate agent content as returned from a read